About my Blog son

Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


Birthdays, Funerals and Everything In Between...

July 11, 1910-August 18, 2009.
You were supposed to live forever,
Like childhood memories, and my favorite song...
Momma T, My great grandmother, the most
Influential person in my life, I miss you...
I know your at peace now, but i wish it didn't hurt so bad
In your 99 years you touched the lives of more people than
I ever realized, I only knew you for 18, but honestly I
Wouldn't be who I am today without you, none of us would,
How different will my Niece and Nephew's lives be from Jason's?
I thought I wouldn't have the strength to see you like that, or
Set foot in the house, let alone the room you left us in,
Which happens to be mine... I surprised myself,
I've been in home a full day and haven't shed a tear until I
Began writing this...
I have no idea how I will piece back my shattered reality
with such a large part missing... I promise to try my hardest.
My first tattoo will be in your honor, no fancy scripts, banners
Or artwork... Just two simple words...
Live Forever
Because you will in the hearts of your friends and family.
I know Pop Pop and Grandma waited a long time to see you,
Tell them I said Hi and
I Love You


The Panthers...

...Pictures from my excursion to an NFL open practice.
I didn't get any autographs because frankly, I had no idea
Who those guys were....
Yes I know I'm a shitty photographer, so what ?



Look what I found...


Complete with Wizard Trading Cards

Anyone that knows me also knows that I LOVE Harry Potter,
I've been reading the books since I was 10...
My fandom runs deep son... Everytime I venture into Hot Topic
I'm tempted to buy a Gryffindor messenger bag, T-Shirt and a,
Bellatrix Lestrange T, It's that real son lol...
I had Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans before,
Lets just say the flavors were spot on, but the
Chocolate Frogs I had never seen in real life before today...
I'm Happy now


The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus...

Heath Ledger, and Johnny Depp
Two of my favorite actors in what looks
To be as visually stunning as "The Fall"
I MUST see this movie

Bringing Out A Side Of Me That I Don't Know

I previously posted the video of The Fray covering
Kanye West's Heartless, but the boys took it a step
Further with an official video....
Conceptually dope, perfectly executed, and the cover
Is still the best I've ever heard...

The FRAY - Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

So Next level son

I Am A Rebel, I'm Disrespectful...

...I'm not giving in.
This post is for my Travie...
I have been fascinated with Travis McCoy
Of Gym Class Heroes since i stumbled
Upon the video for "The Queen and I"
From Hall and Oates hand Tattoos to ear gauges,
Monroe and septum piercings,
To the fact that he brushes his teeth in several of their vids
He's hot to the nth degree
And he doesn't care what folks think, which makes him sexy
In the pool with Pete Wentz's dog Hemmy...Hot
Fro'd out....Hot, His hair looks like mine lol

Getting arrested... even his mugshot is sexy

His signature open mouth pose lol
I love this guy <3>


Pretty Wangs...

... You know that's how Maxwell says it lol.
Brandon Hines gives his rendition of Pretty wings...
He actually sounds really good...His falsetto got a lot better
I dig this cover, what say you?

Oh Scottie...

Album artwork for Mr.Mescudi's upcoming album, Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day

Cover for the album

Cover for the DVD Deluxe Edition

This shit is gonna be epic... Cudder has his very own weird lane in the rap game and hopefully this will exhibit his talent and creativity...I'm just stoked off the artwork


Lookin' Like A G.I Joe Made Out Of Chocolate...

Delicious ...LMAO
As you may or may not know, I'm in South Carolina for the summer =[... It's hot and humid and all around not my kind of place but there is some greatness within all the fuckery... NFL summer training camp/open practices... Yes, In a few hours I'll be down on a college campus watching the perfectly sculpted physiques of the Carolina Panthers... Drenched in sweat, glistening and shit lmao... I love the average build/skinny guys and even a rotund homie once in a while but it's like men oogling video Ho's models...It doesn't mean u don't like the average chick, you're just appreciating a good body... I'm bringing my camera so look forward to a few snaps, unless i go brainless and forget to take any pics lol


Movie Time

The Fall... Visual Director Tarsem Singh...
By far the most visualy stunning film I have ever seen
The plot was as engaging as it needed to be but the
Visuals kept me entranced
The genius of Tarsem is his ability to make real life
Landscapes look like cgi masterpieces
If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you try and hunt down the dvd,
I know for a fact that netflix has it

Could It Be I'm Suffering Because I Never Give In...

Blogging live from the 5th circle of hell... Also known as my big brothers house in Charlotte,N.C...Babysitting is a fate worse than anything I've ever faced... I've been sitting in this house for about a week in sweats, tank top and/or basketball shorts... The only solace I seem to find is in the shower, so for about 15 minutes a day I get the silence I crave... But the shrill sounds of a spoiled child holding a sippy cup outside the door quickly reminds me of where I am... If I don't get back to S.C by tomorrow night I'm shipping myself to NY asap... I have missed what has most likely been the wettest mildest summer in the Bronx ever... The glory of awaking to the tapping of rain on the window and nothing else, the freedom of walking around Au naturale if I feel like it and the ability to walk to most places in 10 minutes... But my reality is two small children, an ungrateful sibling and an extremely tiring elderly woman who's mind is trapped in a cage named Alzhiemers