About my Blog son

Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel



I grow weary under the weight of my family's expectations... Finding no solace in the fact that I have nothing to blame but my lofty accomplishments...


My Heart Is Yours...

By Justin Nozuka... I love this song and voice is so nice... Good summer chill song


Welcome to The Goody Room...

This is a running list of the members of my harem... It is subject to change at any given time.

Johnny Depp - Just cause he's a brilliant actor and insanely gorgeous.
Denzel Washington - Obvious Reasons... Sexiest 55 year old on the planet
Pharrell Williams - His weird artistic flair and crazy musical skills.
Wasalu Jaco - The most brilliant and informed, gorgeous revolutionary I have ever set eye and ears upon.
And he's my favorite rapper... Plus he skates
Jeremiah Felton - The way he tickles the ivory's is insane and sexy.
Willard Smith - Went from goofy to Oooh weee and stayed there... iRobot anyone?
JB -  Could probably argue me under the table and mind fuck me into a coma.
Rupert Grint - Something about the ginger kid w/the accent just does it for me although having swine flu gets you x-ed from the pound  nevermind
Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter, need I say more... I really wanna see him in Equus though
Taylor Lautner - Don't judge me, he's hot.
Mehcad Brooks -  Walking, breathing sex!
Cullen Jones - Swimming, stretching sex... He does have the long 's' sometimes and that bothers me but the man is hot and a positive role model.
Lance Gross - Single dark chocolate goodness.
Travis Lazarus McCoy - Alternative perfect. He makes his own lanes in music and I love it.. And @ 6'5" 200+ that's a lot of DAMNNNNNN! right there.
Tim William - That curly mohawk and silky voice are all that matters... Sadly he's taken super sad face ={.
PFC Carter - My first love and shit so he's on the list by default *kanye shrug*
Chester of Linkin Park - The screaming, the thin-ness and the tatts.
Mike Shinoda - The voice and production abilities.
Dwight Howard - 6'7" mountian of goofy cute muscle.
Derrick Rose - Cute b-ball phenom, even though he sounds like he plays basketball.
Dwayne Wade - My first NBA wowzers moment... He's messy in his affairs so that's kind of a turn off
Antoine Reed A.K.A Mikey Rocks - Indeed he does.
John Leguizamo - My most favorite PR-Columbian mixed actor EVER... Super Mario Bro's? Shut Up.
Victor Rasuk - Second favorite PR actor... Raising Victor Vargas, Lords of Dogtown, How to Make it in America... Bomb
Rick Gonzales - Third favorite Spanish actor, his fluffy cloud of curls is what pillows feel like in my dreams.

Pictures in the same order as the list above


Little Robot...


For The Love...

Click Here and watch the video... You will DIE lmao


2 Members of My Harem...

Lupe is so weird, I LOVE IT...
P's tatts are slowly fading away *Super Sad face*
I hope he gets new ones, his arms look so odd naked


I Love Her Style...

Ms. Kesshia Kumari aka Kesh...
She is super pretty and funky... Oh and for the fellas, she gets naked... A LOT!
I've been up on her for a few years, her blog is sporadically updated but dope none the less...
I've never heard her speak before this vid, interesting accent... enjoy


All I Want...

Is for that guy I've been eying for damn near 2 years to catch me down stairs, slide a hand on my waist and press me up against a wall... Or knock on my door and hold my tongue prisoner before it even forms the word hello... Is that too much to ask for??? I love lips, but it feels as if I've forgotten the practice of loving them.


Spring Cleaning For My Head...

Hate it, Love it, I don't care... This is my house lol

He was approximately 5'10, and the biggest muscles on him were the ones between... his ears...and lips
Sculpted from scaling literary Everest's
he flexed and the pen became a wand, drawing raw emotion from his temple
leaving shimmering shapes in it's wake,
that I follow like mapquest directions, only a lot less confused.
His tongue, a gilded paintbrush,
absolutely eloquent, the way the lines nest themselves around it's contours
Conceiving masterpieces in a language I forget can sound so beautiful,
Like the wind laced between Angel's wings.

This piece has no tangible muse, just the alternative music listening, cardigan wearing, videogame playing nerdboy in my head...

Yeah I hit niggas with Harry Potter references in my spare time lmao



OMFG... Drool, faint, scream, thank god, repeat.

I'd Be Playing Basketball With The President...

... Billionaire (Acoustic) - Travis McCoy (aka Schleprock, aka Travie Lazzie) featuring Bruno Mars


My New Hero...

How do you take concert footage and create a near perfect cover ? Ask this guy smh... He sounds good too, that guitar is amazing, I wish I would have taken my lessons more seriously...