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Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel



Looking good Scott
Those socks are awesome =]

DG Overload...

Yes, yes, I know but DILLIGAF? Hell no
'Be alone' is my jawn for the week... Yeah I picked up a little bit of Philly slang lol
Seriously though, his singing is getting amazing, the notes he hits at the end CRAZY
I want him for Christmas, New Years and my 21st birthday



"I think I'm jealous they got someone when the world ends,
It looks nice, I gotta get me one of those,
I haven't found Mrs. Right,
But I'm On it though,"


Childish Gambino...

A.K.A Donald Glover...
His free album culdesac has been on repeat since I dl'd it yesterday...
I initially got it to listen to "so fly" repeatedly, but after giving everything a thorough listen...
"Got this money", "So Fly" and "Glory" are my favorites for today, but I'm sure that list will expand by tomorrow after I Donald Glover myself to death on my last day of class....
Below is a video of him doing an acoustic version of got this money, much like the one that comes with the album... Dude is sitting in a bedroom with a guitar player and he just goes in and it sounds exactly like the album version... I'm digging this hot nerd more and more, hopefully I'll run into him when I'm in the city later on this month...

In addendum... Uhh, yeah bask in that sons... Hello Mr. Glover

On Some Seriousness...

I advise you to go check out today's post on Three Ways To Take This is one of the most serious things I've ever read on there...


Can I Hit It ?

"Baby, you winter time cold. The night is still young, drink that dinner wine slow. I'm trying to make the goosebumps on your inner thighs show" - Love Aubrey's verse on J. Cole's "In the morning"


Can I get The Wackness on DVD for christmas?



Go ahead and drink that in, I'll wait...
Why yes that is Mr. Rupert Grint, engaging in carnal activities with Kimberly Nixon... I spent the past two days watching this film on HU's terrible internet connection... It's reminiscent of Thirteen, if you haven't seen that one STOP reading right now and go watch it... Nixon's character is essentially the average teenage girl, and she pits best friends Malachy (pronounced Mala-key) and Luke, Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan respectively, against each other for a chance with her... They attempt to one up each other with reckless acts because she wants to see who can be 'badder'... I won't spill on the whole story because you can watch it you youtube since it hasn't been released stateside... Grint does pretty good with his Irish accent but I may be biased because I was mesmerized by the juxtaposition of that flame of hair, and bright blue eyes against his porcelain skin... Sheehan was looking pretty great too, his waif-ish physique was a good contrast to the fleshy, solidity of Rupert's... Lets be clear however, Rupert is no where near fat, his frame is natural, no excessive muscle, how men of average weight are supposed to look... And Robert, no matter how thin could get the business with his auburn mop of curls and his crazy thick brows framing those gorgeous eyes, whose color I do not have the words to describe right now... I know this began as a movie post but you guys should know by now that men are my passion and I get easily off topic when good looking ones are involved... That being said go watch the movie


R.I.P Dobby...

If you have yet to see part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I apologize for the title... Sunday, Kyra, my little sister and I ventured off to catch HP... (Side note, since when is a matinee ticket 7.50?) Having read all seven books at least twice I was well aware of what should have happened and the proper order of events... I understand that the book is 700+ pages but this installment is so rife with minute details that add layers of depth to the series, I was slightly disappointed, they left out the initial argument between the Dursley's and Harry, which means the timing of their respective departures was off... The fight scene in the air was missing a few key parts and Hedwig flying by was not how Stan Shunpike spotted the real Harry, it was the use of his beloved expelliarmus spell... The portkeys and separate safe houses were missing from the end of the battle... The left out the birthday celebration, the various instances that polyjuice potion was employed to hide Harry from the public...
The conversations at the burrow about their plans, Ronald's ghoul with spattergroit (which I REALLY wanted to see), Ron walking in on Harry and Ginny snogging... And where the hell was Fleur's accent?... I did thoroughly enjoy the image of George with his toothbrush sticking out of his ear wound lol... The days spent at number 12 Grimmauld place, and maybe I missed something but I do not remember Dobby arriving with Kreacher and Mundungus, though it was brilliant to see him more than once considering... I also felt the need for expansion of the conversations in their various camp sites and Harry's increasing paranoia to give a sort of comparison for Ron's... And the Potter watch radio broadcast as well as the conversations between holdouts of Voldemort's takeover which kept them abreast on some of the happening in the rest of the world... The dungeon discussions at the Malfoy's... Wormtail's magic hand choking him out for showing hesitation... The eye in the mirror was not as vivid and piercing as I had imagined either... I also really missed the white peacocks roaming the grounds of Malfoy manor...

I feel like I'm going extra hard on the directors and editors but you have to remain true to the novel if your gonna adapt it for a movie... Maybe I'm salty because I watched The Last Airbender movie, which completely MANGLED the Avatar series, which was damn good for a new cartoon...



Is freaking beautiful
This place stresses me out beyond reason but it has some stunning photo potential.

A few weeks ago during a clear day

Taken Monday at sunset

Taken today right before dusk


Hide 'N' Seek...

For grown ups of course =]

"It's quiet, too quiet", as soon as the words leave my lips I hear the thud of size 10 timbs on the carpet of the auditorium. Just as swiftly as the sound came, it vanished. Not even a gust of air as he ninja vanished into the shadows. Strips of light from the windows streak the room, looks like the muted fur of the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carrol's grim fantasy. Cat burglar smooth as I slip in the spots of darkness still present. I think he's hiding on the stairs. Foot falls cashmere soft, creeping towards my target until an arm snakes like a boa around my waist. "Shit" I hate losing, especially at ninja assassin.
"What do I win?" the shadow growled into the curls gathered at the base of my skull. "What do you Want?" I purred back. Before I could brace for an answer I felt the floor give way beneath me. Back pressed against the mosaic tile, hands like vices corset my hips and draw me in. Flesh of fire, force the passion and frustration of months long absence, tastes of sorrow and lust. Glint of silver in the corner of my eye begins to run up my spine parting the fabric of my blouse, now down the seams of my tights, bra, panties. As bare as the page before words begin to flow. Admired his handy work as he took care to remove each article from that marble frame, positioning them in case a speedy exit is necessary. Pulled deeper into the shrunken night held within this building, and spun, feet planted and hands pressed into the plaster. He crawled underneath me and begun to whisper secrets into my flesh...
All I got for now *Ye Shrug*


Ooooh Shawty...

What cho name is?



300 posts under my belt son
Oh and if I was a member of the Wu, like I wanted to be as a kid my moniker would be 'Shaolin Mathematics'
how dope is that shit ?


Thanks VSB...

The guys over at VSB brought up a movie that I absolutely love in today's post "I'm through with white women (The inevitable undoing of Jay Brooks)"
And then I realized why I love Omar so much, he's brilliant and funny and gorgeous and he reminds me so much of Jay it's a wee bit scary...
I mean just look at them
Movie Still
Omar and Ian



Such a beautiful cloudy green stone.
Funny the very thing that makes it such a marvel to look at, renders lesser gems worthless.
Alas, it's not as stunning, when you become it.
Murky, emerald woman shooting beautiful sage dagger stares at all that she cannot grasp.
They are not to blame for what no one can control.
The fates sure know how to piss you off.

Obsidian, glinting like the sophisticate older sibling of carbon.
Heavy as the whole of the universe, balanced on a point as wide as a broken mans smile.
A raven mocking you from the shadows, sounds a lot like your heart calling your bluff.
Sucks when fear is this stunning.



I LOVE that video for this exact reason
Mr. Williams, even though you are 17 years my senior, I would do things to you lol

Mission College...

We lost the football game but the step show was tight lol
The videos are split between Vimeo and Youtube because some of the vids were acting up on either of the uploaders...
Opening local acts the Iconz

Zeta Phi Beta

Alpha Kappa Alpha - Last part is missing cuz I had to potty

Kappa Alpha Psi - From VCU =[

Iota Phi Theta

Omega Psi Phi and the winners


Mr. Pitt...

No not Brad, Michael... My earliest memory of Michael Pitt is from the Sandra Bullock movie murder by numbers... He was as awkward looking as they come, and honestly I paid him no mind after that but this past summer I saw promo's for HBO's new series Boardwalk Empire and he flashed across my TV screen... At first it was a simple, damn he's hot, but the second time I saw it I recognized Mr. Pitt and felt conflicted... Was this indeed the same greasy haired awkward kid who played opposite the then absolutely beautiful Ryan Gosling? Damn straight, he grew into his face, washed and cut that hair, grew a slight beard Justin Timberlake style and bam straight hotness... Don't believe me take a look.


His eyes were always piercing and gorgeous but the shorter darker hair brings them out more... Me likey


I'm Inside You...

Official Video for Hypnotize U...
Absolutely love it, I understand the premise,
P looks amazing and the chicks aren't bad looking 
Great job guys



My second favorite Track from George Watsky's Guilty Pleasures after Midnight Hour has to be Hercules... On GP he puts this joint over the Flashing Lights beat, by and large the best use of that track since Kanye did it.

I know I’m just as strong as Hercules
Because it’s wired in my circuitry
And if I’m just as strong as Hercules
You’ll see I’m just as strong as Hercules
Verse 1
In 1638 they came from Sweden,
Ship shape settlers late looking for Eden,
the Delaware tribe wasn’t really keen on leaving
so they “bought em out” or slaughtered them quick and got to breeding
1659 they built a fortress
stationed soldiers, and gave them horses
but now their forces were losing their resources
moving in the living quick as moving out the corpses
started changing courses, when we got the Quakers
and they been running town since Cromwell met his maker
they didn’t take pay cut, Quakers got their cake up
the paper came triangulating, trading with Jamaica
Now in the 1700s they took care of biz
built the families through some noble marriages
Still in WIlmington, doing what their parents did
living up on 7th street in Mansions they inherited
1800 and in step the du Ponts
Irenee du Pont was fleeing the war in France
he made the jaunt cause apparently murder rate
was higher for gentle people spitting on the third estate
He started working late, he had grand design
And when we cut a couple fingers off the hands of time
The Du Ponts were running under Delaware like panty lines
they built a mill for small explosives on the Brandywine
But gun powder’s just as temperamental
as the rich kids with CEO potential
It’s essential to compete for our emergencies
Which brings me to a company called Hercules
I hope I’m just as strong as Hercules
I hope I’m just as strong as Hercules
But when it comes to stacking currencies
I’d like to be as strong as Hercules
Verse 2
Hercules Gunpowder started kind of small
Du Pont had it all, were sparkling wall to wall
They were ballin in the fall of 1899
when T.C. Dupont crawled up the Brandywine
Now Thomas Coleman, started as a coal man
In the mines in Kentucky with his old man
joined whole fam, and flipping the strip tease
Went from fig leaves all the way to big cheese
Never got on his knees for the love it won him
from couple of brothers, Lewis and Russell Dunham
They were running shit with Coleman’s muscle
Lewis wasn’t clueless
But Russell’s on his hustle
Now brother Lou, was Coleman’s true blue man
T.C. would Idea and Lou drew plans
Dupont had seventy percent of GDP
When it came to gun powder and TNT
they bought even bought Hercules
said the government, so brought on anti-trust
litigation, and they split business up in three
Into Atlas and Dupont, and Hercules
But certainly they were busting heads
put in work at Hercules, then made Russell prez
in 1912 up the road from Dover
my great great grandfather Russ took over
I know I’m just just as strong as Hercules
I know I’m just just as strong as Hercules
Because It’s written in my history
I know I’m just as strong as Hercules
Verse 3
Russell Dunham, we said Daddy D
Or sugar Daddy D to half the family
Ran Hercules as an affable property
slap on the wrist from capitalist democracy
And so between TC and Papa D
A bit improperly they adopt a monopoly
And instead of dotting the i’s and often crossing the T’s
they take a walk in the trees, and talk and pocket the cheese
And when Russell dropped to his knees, his heirs cashed out
every generation after the shares passed down
(So where’s that now?) Split between six ladies
and my mother had the stocks till the 1980’s
(If Stonewall pays my phone calls
If San Juan fills my scantron
If every molten shower out in Okinawa fueled by smoking powder
pays my broken power send my folks the flowers)
if it’s irrelevant to my intelligence
gimme a shotgun, I’m dropping these pink elephants
I’ll take a tranquilizer shot and sell the sedatives
out in delaware well aware the fella lives
(And what if Iwo Jima)
all the skeletons in my closet are dead relatives
(And if the Fall of Saigon)
And then I grow up to be another screw up
(And if the Tet Offensive)
But if I blow up
it’ll be cause they blew up
My mother loves me more than Hercules
My parents work harder than Hercules
But if I think of this as burglary
I know I’m stronger cause of Hercules




Kanye's newest masterpiece... The visuals are stunning and the music is top notch however, the acting by Mr. West and Ms. Ebanks was just really, really bad... They both looked amazing though... Love how Ye got his track star on toward the end tho... Cannot wait for the album



I need some contact...
I was sitting in class and my fave piece of victimology eye candy waltzed in... All I could think was this "Tongue rubbed raw from scraping against the prison bars of my teeth, aching to lap honey from the valley of his spine"... Yep, badly...



Posting this song again... But it's the live Bruno version... It's raw and there's a lot more passion and angst in it


Apparently I Have an Issue...

The homie Kyra said "You always want the ones 10 years older than you and married"... This statement is not directly true but the sentiment is... I always find my self wanting things I can't have for whatever reason... Crazy age gaps, relationships, fear of rejection and them being way out of my league... I think I'm awesome but I know my limits and I oft swoon over the tippy-top of the social hierarchy out here... Also, this RA in my building that I've been eying for the past oh, 3 years, like the last white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie in the box... Upperclassmen with fiance's, dudes that graduated after my first year, nerdy poets 5 years older than me and ones a whole lot smarter than me... Now these are just surface crushes because I don't allow myself to get too close because home wrecking and embarrassing myself is not where it's at... But I be damned if mature, driven, intelligent, and attractive isn't... I miss the days when all you had to do was pass a love tap and say 'I like you' before you were holding hands and sipping quarter waters on a park bench... Or one good fight over a game of kickball, all smiles and youth and passion screaming over the position of the non-existent foul line that ended in an order of cheese fries from the chicken spot... Oh NY summers I MISS YOUUUUUU!!!!


Read A Book...

I just finished up J. R. Ward's new project Crave... It was amazing like all of her work but more importantly it got me to thinking... Particularly about the passion and seemingly reckless abandon of her characters when in love... Seriously, I have dated a little and never felt anything even remotely close to that electric tension when you can't touch the one you want... I've been pressed but I was never the aggressor, I just feigned interest and forced some sounds as he gnawed at my flesh like a pitbull on a  rawhide candy cane... I dunno if the picture she paints is actually attainable but I wish to know the feeling at least once...

G-Code My Ass...

So I finally watched the video for Aston Martin by Rick Ross, Chrisette Michelle and Drake... The song I've actually heard before but credited to Drizzy... What bothers me is the convoluted code of loyalty that people stick to... It transcends race but black folks decided to outline it in the G-Code, under being a down ass bitch... Honestly I'm baffled by how one could get wrapped up in the illegal activities of ones man just for the sake of being 'down' for him... In the video Ross' girl gets popped doing a run for him and spends time in jail, whats sickening is the fact that there are women sitting in prisons all over the country off of the madness of  men that claimed to love them... Love is not saying sorry after he gets you locked up, or gets put away himself, love is deciding that 'WE' are more important than your drive to do illegal shit for fast money... That we can work together to come out of a less than stellar situation without becoming the statistics that people always knew we would be... Seriously black people, sometimes it physically hurts me to see what you have become, when we had to fight tooth and nail for even an inch during the civil rights movement, we were more motivated and unified than we are now... This misconception that we are done fighting just because some laws have changed has made us complacent lazy as hell... Sometimes I just want to throw books at ya'll


Can I Get...

an Egyptian dude like Rami Malek, and he has a twin brother... Like seriously, TWO of him exists... The universe is awesome for that lol


Well Hello There...

Haven't done a crush post in a hot minute, lets get started... First things first in the summer of '06, I believe, I ordered the Team Ice Cream Vol.1 skate DVD, for the sole purpose of scoping out TK, in that vid I was also introduced to two other banging boarders, Jimmy Gorecki and Kevin Booker... The kid, Jacob Walder, I didn't really see as hot because he was tiny, although his skills are monstrous... This past weekend my sister asked me some ish about TK because he was on the Monique show looking scrumptious... This got me to googling and I remembered Jacob, So I searched for pics and stumbled upon this:

Not AT ALL, the kid I remember, he looked more like this... Yep that little fuzzball on the right of KB

So before I proclaimed his new found sexiness aloud I had to find out how old he was to keep myself from seeming like a pedophile lol... Well I found out yesterday, he was born the same year I was... After a heavy sigh of relief I decided to compile this collection of vids and pics from then and now... Enjoy =]

Team Ice Cream Days:


Here's a bonus... *Sigh* I love watching him take on a set of stairs, look at that air time son smh... Instant dampness lol


Ain't Love Grand?..


Why Were They Open?

I've been listening to Doo-Wops & Hooligans all day and Grenade is by far my favorite track, Bruno lets it all out on this joint... Might be my new theme song, we'll see if it passes the shower test... Enjoy

Just for the hell of it I'm posting this stellar cover by this hot Philipino kid named Joseph Vincent... Shit he can serenade me any day lol


It's amazing...

How changing one line can morph an entire piece to something so passionate that even reading it to yourself feels like a performance... October 15 here I come

The Prototype...

Haven't posted a performance video in a hot minute, so here ya go...
He pulls you in with humor, then pulverizes your heart with a sledgehammer of genuine emotion...
Mr. Holmon, I mean Omar is amazing, can't wait to watch him perform this winter...
This is Anatomy of a prayer, enjoy.


I Could Make Your Storm Feel Sky Blue...

"I'm not beside you, I'm inside you"...

New N.E.R.D joint from the STILL unreleased album 'Nothing'

Hypnotize U Produced by Daft Punk
N*E*R*D - "Hypnotize U" (Produced By Daft Punk) by Some Kind of Awesome


Black and Gold...

If you don't wanna be here, then I don't wanna be either. I want to be next to you, black and gold, black and gold.

Original by Sam Sparrow

Live Cover by Adele



Inspired by a piece I saw Miles perform....

Last night it rained in your bed. Started like so many before it, rolling around like panther cubs in the jungle green satin of your sheets. Hands that once fumbled over flesh fit familiar into grooves etched by time, we melted into each other like oil in the cast iron darkness of your bedroom. Felt as if the world vanished beneath us, and the only thing to stop from falling was each other. Cool flesh pressed into me at every possible point, only you could calm the fire sparking in my throat. Blinded and bound I vowed to get to know you by taste, purest vanilla orchid flesh I have ever known. Chests melded so well the cells beat in unison. We fuck like lightening beautiful and frightening, thrashing like a caged leopard under this copper tiger of a man. The very moment I flushed scarlet and begun to tingle, I stared into the heavens of your face and you opened like the sky over Columbia. I broke, flooding the ancient riverbed my soul had become. We clung to one another like the sky was falling.
And it was.
It rained last night, right here in Our bedroom

FYI: Columbia is one of the rainiest countries on earth


Summer's Leaving...

I got a new book today, Summer's Here by Brook Yung... First things first, whomever wrote the addresses on the envelope has nice handwriting.... Now to the meat and veg of this post... I've been following the work of Mr. Johnson for quite sometime exactly as long as I've been following the work of his cohort Mr. Bennett... Yung has such a ferocity and passion in his work that you feel those words leave the page... If you've ever heard him perform any of his work you can automatically pick up on his cadence and start to hear the piece in his voice... My absolute favorites would have to be The War and Last Time I Had Sex... This man said
"I opened her legs like a closet.Searched through each slice of pink with my tongue & found god."
I need to follow his twitter via google reader, on some real shit

All quotes are the intellectual property of Rahleek Johnson



I am SO done... I literally lol'd when I saw this shit


It's About That Time...

2010 VMA play by play
I love Em but I really don't like this song
The Stage is really pretty
The drummers are hot
Rihanna sounds horrible yet again smh... and she looks insane... Boots and a tutu... Really?
This Handler chick isn't all that funny
WTF is Rick Ross doing in a rascal scooter?
Gaga award #3
Those McQueen shoes are haute
Jared Leto looks Great
Kardashian needs to sit the hell down
The Bieb! He actually sounds pretty good
I hope Ush doesn't tank this one... Ugh hate this song... His stylist needs to be fired asap... Not even trying to lip sync smh... Hate this song too... He sounds a hot mess...
Nikki looks a mess... Hate Katy Perry
Idk who this Florence lady is but I'm not feeling it...
TRAVIEEEEE!!!!! He is not a pre-commercial act mtv is slipping...
N.E.R.D... But where is Nelly Furtado? Ciara Fails..
Gaga award #4
Taylor Swift can get her die on... Right now
Drizzy! I can do without Mary J though
Jason Derulo is soooo gay
This lady is so freaking pretty, I love her on Modern Family
Bruno is so freaking cute with that haircut
Finally Airplanes done properly fuck a BET and Keshia Cole
I love "The only exception"
What is with these short ass sets
Linkin Park going Innnnn... I love Chester
Cher looks great though
Gaga award #5
Damn that girl can sing
I love Aziz he is funny as hell
KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!
He looks good,
AHAHAHAHHHAHA Absolutely love this song
This awards was rather tame...
But my boy Ye Went innn for the finale


My first kiss tasted like strawberry soda
Now I can't drink it without thinking about the
basketball cage in P.S 5 park, spin the bottle with
2 players and having no idea what to do with my hands...
Ugh I want to go back to simple shit like that


Like a Book Elegantly Bound...

But in a language that you can't read just yet...
Sitting in my room alone because my roommate went to dc for the weekend (Yes) for the HU-HU game...
Watching Where the wild things are and listening to Death Cab For Cutie... I will possess your heart is arguably one of the best songs of the last few years... I first saw it on a blog last year I think, I was baffled as to how something so amazing could exist for a year without me knowing... The song takes about 4 minutes to start but the instrumental is beautiful so it's worth the wait and the lyrics are powerful, check the first few lines
"How I wish you could see the potential
The potential of you and me
It's like a book elegantly bound
But in a language you can't read just yet"
Pure poetry son
I prefer live performance vids so here you go



Written before during and after my CPR class... About me from the perspective certain of a guy at a party,
this is like the first thing I've written about myself in years so be easy
Socially Awkward
About the girl, arms folded, back arched uncomfortably
up against the wall at the party… I know her. Using observation
of young adults in a party environment as an excuse for coming.
It would have been a valid reason, had she come with a pen or
even a shred of paper and no, she is not taking notes on her phone.
I know this because during a six minute reggae block I saw her,
feet rooted to the hardwood as hips swayed with the fervor of a
hummingbirds wings. If not for that firm stance she would have
surely begun to spin into beautiful, euphoric oblivion.
That guy
With his hips and hands pressed into her like memory foam may
have helped too but who cares about him
For six minutes I saw passion and joy in the face of a woman
that seconds earlier seemed frozen in an uninterested glare at all the
forms moving like a swarm of bees in a field of sunflowers
Her eyes glowing like embers the moment before they consume everything
Tendrils, curled like the limbs of an obsidian cephalopod
around the features of this jaded angel.
She reclaimed her post in the shadows, I approached saying a
silent prayer for my face, in case she decided to deck me
With a voice like a siren, she bid me hello and we chatted for a moment,
All bullshit as I gathered up the gumption to ask her to dance and
stepped back to avoid an angry fist, surprisingly she smiled sweetly
and suddenly I relaxed “I only dance to reggae” she said devilishly
I held up a finger, sprinted over to the DJ and as soon as the
House call beat dropped her fire returned, my digits
fumbled nervously on her curves and she reached back, not missing a beat
as she slid them into place. What seemed like hours was, really only three songs
My head swam as she led me to the outskirts of the crowd,
stared me down as she wrote her number on a slip of handmade paper,
in blue pen that appeared out of thin air
The last things I remember seeing were her shoes
Of course I called her.


Wanna Get Close to You...

Got all moved in today... Did more before 10am than most people did all day... Slept like a rock and DL'd some new tunes, specifically this gem... Corinne Bailey Rae is one of the few female singers I ride with as well as one of the few that sound as amazing live as they do recorded, she is beautiful, extremely talented and her hair looks amazing... Closer is my fave from her new album 'The Sea'


Hometown Glory...

This one too... Her voice is simply amazing

Cold Shoulder...

Love this track...


I'm Slowly Morphing...

Into a comic book nerd... Google, wikipedia, and other influences have me leaning toward picking up the story of the Blue lantern corps... Maybe it's a product of my extreme boredom, or a cover for my search for nerdboys... Either way I'll be reading some graphic novels in the near future...
"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!"


308 Bowery...

I had a STELLAR time tonight... a small stage, about 50 chairs and a bunch of black curtains were the decor in pretty much the coolest place I've ever been... There was talk of boners, cooches and a very akward man on man kiss... All in good fun...The poets were nothing short of amazing and the hosting was top notch... Either Ian was shitfaced or he deserves and oscar for his portrayal of a drunk... I finally got to meet Ion, he's hella hot, skinny, and perpetually Chuck Taylor clad... He looks amazing in a button down, tie and vest also =]... I'm geeking pretty hard right now... I wish I was old enough to drink and didn't have to take my sis home, would've hung out at the bar for a while... Maybe next year... Night folks



Rather uneventful weekend, the sky over NY opened up today and it was awesome in the purest sense of the word... Nothing like orange streetlight ricocheting off slick asphalt like stray bullets in the south bronx... And that steam floating up is beautiful, not mention watching hood kids scatter like roaches when it starts raining sideways, thats one of the few thing that can pry them off the corners and from in front of the building...
It seems I have no more creativity left, I haven't written anything of substance in months... I fear the stress of the upcoming school year is blocking my chakras, things just aren't flowing like they used to... On the bright side I'm going to watch the fanboy of my dreams host an open mic at the Bowery tomorrow... If only the scholar of my dreams decided to do the same at the Nuyo on friday lol... Hot Nerds ahoy!
I'm heading back to VA this weekend and I am not looking forward to moving in all of the crap I have accumulated over the past 3 years... Well now you guys are up to date on my life... Later =]


Lion's Mane...

Did a rollerset and straightened a bit with a curling iron... My hair is huge =]
I'm  having a bad face day so I blurred it out


Daily Inspirational Quote Numéro deux...

Another of my favorites - "My pop got shot, my son got knocked , and I ain't seen God in days"

Kyra get your boy... He's snapping right now smh


Daily Inspirational Quote...

My fave wordsmith - "Woken up by a toothache at 4AM. Feels like an orchestra of knives playing a concerto in my face."

I come across some amazing stuff daily so I figured I'd repost


Oh The Places You'll Go...

Did a massive amount of running around the LES and East Village today... Visited the Bowery Poetry Club, Dave's Quality Meat, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and Alife Rivington Club... Up until sunday at 7 the lovely ladies of Married To The Mob are having a sample sale in the back yard at Alife... I copped 3 t's for $10 a pop, they normally run $30-40... I met Tabatha, and saw Leah hangin out back there... If you're able you should go do some shopping...

My pick up's

 Worldwide T

 Octopussy T

 1982 T

Mob Sticker Pack

Most Official Flyer lol


Again... Don't Even Ask Why...

"construct altars of wax on the small of your back"
MEGA *swoonage*
His voice got real sexy then lol


I WANT TO GO ON A FREAKING DATE... This single ish is driving me nuts...
Also I want to go see Scott Pilgrim



It's not just a color, it's a lifestyle lol... Just kidding, but I am adding a blue tint to my curls this weekend... I did a test patch today and it's exactly what I wanted still dark but with an ever so slight hint of blue in the light =]... And the dye is semi-permanent so if I get sick of it, it will wash out in about a month


Love The Way You Lie...

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, it's alright because I like the way it hurts... Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, but it's okay because I love the way you lie...Love the way you lie...

Domestic violence is no joke folks... The harder some one hits doesn't correlate to how much they love you...
This is a good song

Grad School Talk...

Starting to study programs and look at application criteria... It's overwhelming, just like applying to colleges was 4 years ago... Now the stakes are way higher.... This is the last time I'll go to school (hopefully) and I'll be leaving a Doctor... That is just blowing my mind right now... I'm not even 20 years old and I'm already about to graduate college and jump into grad school... I have no idea where I want to live for the next five years, I feel the need to retake my GRE and app fees are gonna eat up my bank account if I don't narrow down my list of 17 (Yes 17, I know it's a lot) potential schools... And I still have to deal with good old HU for another year before I can even start the next phase of my life smh... I guess this is what the big sis felt like in '05


Movie Time...

At 1 this morning I finally sat down and made myself watch 500 Days of Summer... Aside from my love of JGL and his work and  my distaste for Zooey Deschanel I wanted to see an Indie love story... First things first Tom Hansen, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, scares me... Not because he's frightening but more the fact that I feel the way he does in the first few days... Empty, like I'll be unhappy forever until I find "The One"... However I have not had the even momentary pleasure of finding my Summer...
Summer, played by Zooey Deschanel reminds me of my self also, the self imposed rules only serving to detach onesself from others to quell any disappointment that may come my way... I always say I'd be fine in a situation with no label, the truth is I'd be going insane on the inside and most likely pull a disappearing act unless something happened... At then end I was immensely sad... Even though Tom got back to what he loved and ended up meeting Autumn, I was saddened because of all the time wasted trying to fill a round void with a square peg so to speak... Often people try to force things for fear of never having the chance again to be a part of something greater than themselves...

In the end it was a great movie...
Inspiring even, came up with a new line somewhere in the middle of Matthew Gray Gubler talking about his love...
Sit down and watch it =]


Train Manners...

Hopped on a crowded 2 train this afternoon like I do everyday when I leave work, nestled myself against the door and at 34th street the train gets fuller and some silly boy in a Gucci bookbag gets on and stands next to me... He has to turn towards me and reach in front of my face to grab the pole... I'm already agitated cuz my afro is making me hot and my feet hurt and this aggin keeps bumping my hip with his junk... I chalk it up to the train being crowded and not having any space to move... The car starts to empty and this guy is now rubbing his piece up against my thigh like I don't know whats going on... He gave up around 110th street cuz I payed his old crazy ass no mind as he was trying his hardest to make me acknowledge him smh...The funny shit is I would have spoken to him had he said a word to me instead of humping my thigh on the damn train, he was kinda cute but clearly dizzy as hell... Silly boys, USE YOUR WORDS lmao

Oh and I saw 3 hot Asian guys on and around the train today and one in the supermarket by the crib...


New Friend Request...

Watching Degrassi before my nightly Avatar binge and this looker walks across the screen... Freakin ey, like I said guys like this do not exists outside of the make believe worlds of TV and the internet... Mr. Nathan Stephenson, to quote one of my favorite bands "If I had 2 horses and I beat 'em with authority, I'd gallop all the way to Canada to see your face"- Gym Class Heroes "New Friend Request"


Blah, Blah, Blah...

Wondering why my high school memories are nothing like my fave teen romantic comedy, 10 Things I Hate About You... I was the less outwardly awful and outspoken version of Cat... My social awkwardness was the HS equivalent of a Scarlet Letter actually... But unlike Ms. Stiles my austrailian accented bad boy with a heart of gold and a face worth just as much never came forth... I know my melancholy, self loathing ass posts are depressing, but I'm sick of not having a kindred spirit of the male persuasion to wax philosophical about nothing with... And the guys that are attracted to me just aren't attractive to me... I wore a low cut top for the first time this entire vacation and it warranted so much attention from the same nobodies I pass on my daily excursions to the supermarket it's insane... I actually got FOLLOWED in the freakin supermarket by a guy who could not take a fucking hint and insisted on giving me his number even though I told him I was NOT going to call...
Call me a snob but cute quirky intellectuals, A.K.A HOT NERDS are my persuasion of the moment idk why I can't seem to find any... I was told by a hot nerd from Jersey (Hey Omar lol) to look in basements, comic book stores and game stores for others but I be damed if they don't seem to exist in the Bronx or Hampton for that matter... If they are here they are hiding like shit... Cute train boys are a tease too, at the most you get to stare inquisitively until his or your stop arrives, then he's gone, most often forever... The internet is no better, all of these perfection personified guys I see just do not exists outside of the cyberworld... And I'll believe this until I see otherwise... I missed Yungs show at the Nuyo on friday so he's still a myth as well... And I work like down the block from there, I'm such a failure, but thats beside the point lol... I think I'm done on the woe is me front for now

JGL for the win...

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Maui Wowi...

Scott Mescudi is taking over the world haha



Today would have been my Angel's 100th birthday... I miss you Momma T


Bad Habits...

I seem to make a practice out of distancing myself from guys I like too much... Especially if I don't think the feelings are mutual... However I never ask their feelings, just assume it's not that way and disappear... I'm notorious for deleting them from my social networking friends lists... Sort of like out of sight out of mind but on quiet days when my mind has a little extra time to wander I always wonder, what if I wasn't such a chicken shit lol
 I can dole out quality advice on feelings all day but I never take it... Like I'm afraid of becoming too attached and having my heart tied to a bullet train to hell, because I misjudged a situation... I'm way too cautious *Kanye Shrug*


Douche It...

I was waiting for this foolishness... It gave me some laughs during an otherwise uneventful week... Work tomorrow


Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World...

Looks like it's gonna be awesome
and they have an avatar creator

This is me



This is what should have been last year...

All the haters can suck my metaphorical balls

Dat New New...

What you think is innocent grazing is actually practice, she is perfecting the signature she someday hopes to place upon your shoulders
A monument of scratches that will take center stage amongst all of the claims laid to your flesh...


On vacation seeing so many couples it's sickening.. I'm not hating, just wondering why I have to wait...

She watches silently
From the Back of the class, the bar, the bench courtside at the park
as everything she isn't seems to catch his eye.
Watches as his friends leave him to mend his broken heart each time a piece goes missing.
Watches him shatter into a million pieces like a glass Bluejay, that was a little too eager to join his brothers in the sky.
This last time she counted, 3,400,382.
An observer of his sanity and pride faltering like the facade of an abused project building.
She hates this feeling, the knot in her chest everytime he passes by with another scavenger perched on his arm, looking to take a piece of him for herself.
Ties itself tighter everytime the pain behind his eyes grown stronger...
She longs to be his crutch, the one who retrieves and repairs his pieces, transforming the worthless shards of a stained glass soul into a mosiac of their lives.
Show him it's okay to be broken sometimes, but if it feels like you let a bull with a billion dollar smile and legs that go on for miles, run loose in the china shop of your heart, maybe you should close up for a while...

Still not finished


Ayo Shorty...

"Your body is a problem... A Math problem.
And today, my hands feel like calculators"

- Best Poet Ever



My sister's computer just fucking raped my iPod... Erased all my shit, I had to reset it back to factory condition... All my music (2385 songs) is on my computer in VA and it can't get here anytime before Friday... I WANT TO CRY right now... Music is life to me son... My headphones run from my ears to my heart, it's that serious... I am so upset it's not even funny... The only thing I have here is Tacklebox, Lazarus and Thank Me Later... I want to jam out to B.O.B and Tim William not this smh...


SOOOOOO Going to see this son...

This shit looks tight...


Joshua Bennett... Once Again...

Everytime I get out, he pulls me right back in with that disco ball smile and awkward stance... I know it's wierd to love someone you've never met but love really doesn't follow anyone's rules... I have been searching for these videos from the Excelano Project at U Penn since I knew he was in it... I about fell out of this desk chair when I found them... Now I'm sitting next to the window on the 5th floor of a 21 story project building acting as if I'm front row center at a school in Pennsylvania at a show that happened months ago... *Sigh* I have no idea why I react this way to him, I feel like John Matthew the first time he met Beth...
Thank You again Sir, even though your a hundred miles away, you make me smile like the first times I held my Nephew and Niece.

If you search Joshua Bennett on youtube and organize the results by date added the rest of the videos are there =]


Question Time...

Why are you here? Like right here, on my blog reading the bs I think about on the reg?
You can submit your answer anonymously you know


Let Me Count The Ways...

I LOVE New York City, seriously... I was at this cookout in Moore Houses in the Bronx and OMF'ing G there was this kid there brownskin, huge lips, both looked very smooth and soft, tattoo's, Airmax 95's and a fitted... I was staring at him like the whole time I was out there... He was absolute city perfection... And this other guy I've been crushing on since I was about 12 was sitting at the chess table behind me *Swoon*... Then there was this other cookout in Harlem I hit the same day, it had a couple of VERY nice looking MCB's (Melanin Challenged Brothas lol) no telling if they were legal or not though ssf =[... Thats the only downside to getting older, you can't tell ages by looking at most guys... Going out tomorrow, hopefully I see the lips again lol... I really wanna go to the Nuyo and exploring Philly while I can *sigh*



She longs to be his crutch, the one who retrieves and repairs his pieces, transfoming the worthless shards of a stained glass soul into a mosiac of their lives


Yo Side Of The Bed...

Hands down the saddest music video I have ever seen... I do not envy Trey's character @ all...

 I lost my shit when those two showed up at the door, he straight fell out smh...Be safe Carter ILY...


Chris Brown, Ladies and Gentlemen


No Bullshit

 I Like them minus the booty licking in 'No bullshit' but he does look awesome



I have new notebooks, I'm so excited lol...
This one is a Pratt, fully lined with a secret stash
pocket in the back inner cover.

This next one is a handmade Indian jumpoff...
The paper looks handmade as well, no lines with
a cottony feel.

I'm finally gonna be reunited with the notebook I left in NY so I can make transfers... Hitting Philly this week too that should be fun, I love new places... I'm gonna go watch El Tigre, later folks

I'm Goin' In...

It's been agreed that I get the mind and eyes on some days the rest is Miss K's
He is too dope for words


Find Your Love...

I've been cool on Aubrey for a while but this track is bringing me back to Wheel Chair Jimmy's side...
The video is dope as hell... Enjoy


Cold Pillows and Apologies

I have neglected the hell out of my poor blog, I blame finals and fugazi ass professors... But my last test is tomorrow, so I can devote more time to blogging and getting my music library back on point... I've missed out on so many tracks this semester it's retarded... I haven't written in months and my camera has been in hibernation for just as long... NY on the 22nd, hope I get this internship and find a grad school I like b4 the summer is over... Just popped in to say hello and enjoy the musical stylings of Theophilus London featuring Jesse Boykins III...

Hi new follower!


Tilt Your Head Back and Close Your Eyes...

This girl is a beast.



I grow weary under the weight of my family's expectations... Finding no solace in the fact that I have nothing to blame but my lofty accomplishments...


My Heart Is Yours...

By Justin Nozuka... I love this song and voice is so nice... Good summer chill song


Welcome to The Goody Room...

This is a running list of the members of my harem... It is subject to change at any given time.

Johnny Depp - Just cause he's a brilliant actor and insanely gorgeous.
Denzel Washington - Obvious Reasons... Sexiest 55 year old on the planet
Pharrell Williams - His weird artistic flair and crazy musical skills.
Wasalu Jaco - The most brilliant and informed, gorgeous revolutionary I have ever set eye and ears upon.
And he's my favorite rapper... Plus he skates
Jeremiah Felton - The way he tickles the ivory's is insane and sexy.
Willard Smith - Went from goofy to Oooh weee and stayed there... iRobot anyone?
JB -  Could probably argue me under the table and mind fuck me into a coma.
Rupert Grint - Something about the ginger kid w/the accent just does it for me although having swine flu gets you x-ed from the pound  nevermind
Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter, need I say more... I really wanna see him in Equus though
Taylor Lautner - Don't judge me, he's hot.
Mehcad Brooks -  Walking, breathing sex!
Cullen Jones - Swimming, stretching sex... He does have the long 's' sometimes and that bothers me but the man is hot and a positive role model.
Lance Gross - Single dark chocolate goodness.
Travis Lazarus McCoy - Alternative perfect. He makes his own lanes in music and I love it.. And @ 6'5" 200+ that's a lot of DAMNNNNNN! right there.
Tim William - That curly mohawk and silky voice are all that matters... Sadly he's taken super sad face ={.
PFC Carter - My first love and shit so he's on the list by default *kanye shrug*
Chester of Linkin Park - The screaming, the thin-ness and the tatts.
Mike Shinoda - The voice and production abilities.
Dwight Howard - 6'7" mountian of goofy cute muscle.
Derrick Rose - Cute b-ball phenom, even though he sounds like he plays basketball.
Dwayne Wade - My first NBA wowzers moment... He's messy in his affairs so that's kind of a turn off
Antoine Reed A.K.A Mikey Rocks - Indeed he does.
John Leguizamo - My most favorite PR-Columbian mixed actor EVER... Super Mario Bro's? Shut Up.
Victor Rasuk - Second favorite PR actor... Raising Victor Vargas, Lords of Dogtown, How to Make it in America... Bomb
Rick Gonzales - Third favorite Spanish actor, his fluffy cloud of curls is what pillows feel like in my dreams.

Pictures in the same order as the list above