About my Blog son

Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


Dude, Why is he harshng our dream mellow? Dude why?...

I just love that weird little commercial but that has nothing to do with this post..
This is about music and since April is ending us which brings with it reflections on the quiet passing of the 15th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death... It only seems fitting that i post some of my Favorite Nirvana songs... Kurt was a great musician and his vocals are still absolutely chilling, there will never be another like him

Smells Like Teen Spirit...Greatest song ever

Heart Shaped Box

Something in the way

This has nothing to do with Nirvana or Kurt but it's dope none the less...The Fray covers Heartless by Kanye West


Damnnnnnnnn...Hype is that Dude

kanYe West and Young Jeezy- Amazing- 808's & Heartbreak


WTF is Really Going on...

Pharrell is just finding new ways to confuse me these days
Apparently he got ALL of the Tatts on his arms lasered off
To start over...Really Mr. Williams?
I freaking loved his original Ink, it was sexy

Pic courtesy of


Low Key Excited...

I am working on a new poem
and I've been getting feedback
from a few friends who enjoy poetry
but can also offer constructive criticism
but the feedback i'm most excited about came
from a published young poet and one of my
new favorites, none other than
Mr. Nik Richard...
So hot, so talented, and an all around nice guy...
His first book
Love and Water
So amazing I've read it at least 4 times
You should pick it up
And his accent is so cute
FYI: He personally signs the inside of the back cover
as not to bend the book, apparently some people don't notice
but I did lol


Pick Up's

New T's...Still waitin on my Jeepney Shit though

Cardboard Robot
X-Ray Guns T-Shirt
Tank Theory
Police Brutality T-Shirt

Hellz Bellz
Eye for an Eye T-Shirt


Sort of a Poetry NERD...

So am i the only one that has seen the special about Brave New Voices on HBO... These kids are INSANE, do u hear me... It's this one Hawaiian kid named Ittai, he is AMAZING... I wish I could emote and perform with the passion of this kid it's just rediculous (sp?) ... And the slam champ From Philly, OMFG his flow is retarded... You gotta check this shit out ma Dude

Perhaps my Favortie person in the world...At least I think so

So, I just finished reading Pharrel's interview with Nylon Mag from a while ago, and umm yeah... I dunno if it's the tone of the piece or actually P's attitude that's coming through but i'm not sure I like it and his weird obsession of comparing himself to Kanye is just plain odd...But i like him because he's odd, and my Bro met him before and said he was a cool dude just a little weird... I don't think this will make me stop loving Pharrel because my fandom runs deep *sigh* He's just so damn Sexy
Check out the entire interview here


Thrashers <3

Thrasher (Explicit) - N.E.R.D.

Ahhh Skaters, some of my favorite people in the world... Maybe cuz i'm a girl i like the idea of guys doing stuff to impress me, sue me... But skateboarders are a sexy breed of man, especially black skaters (much love to all the other skaters tho)... Like how can u see a dude that 50/50 rail slides and nollie kickflips while taking on a 10 stair set with the grace of a ballet dancer and not be in awe, and the confidence, is crazy...But the lack of fear could be a liability, All things considered i still loves the thrashers baby... And lets be real b4 they skate 'em out (thrash them),Skateboarders rock some of the hottest kicks out

A departure from plaid

Oh Burberry Prorsum how I love thee...If i see a dude in this jacket,woo baby it's a done deal, tell me this shit doesn't just exude sexy


A means to an end...

School gets on my F*cking nerves...I mean i hate it, group projects are the bane of my existence and i have 3 this semester, u gotta be shittin me...
Public speaking is my biggest weakness, i just hate people looking at me, i hate wearing business attire, all in all i just hate the concept of my success on a project relying on other people...Lets face it, in real life you are responsible for you, no one does your job for you...
In other news, lol, my hair has some how become a character in and of itsself, supposedly it will lend credence to the crackpot theorist i'm supposed to play in an upcoming presentation...
Underhanded diss, i think so but it's all good, I love my curly hair, it helps me stand out from all the damn straight hair ugg boot w/shorts wearing clones at this school, but i digress...
Purchased some new T's from Karmaloop this weekend, their sales are like a mix of Fergie and Jesus haha...But i think i got like 4 T's for about 10 bucks each, good shit seeing as my other T's were like 20 each... Oh yeah and i purchased, yes actually purchased as in payed for with my own money, Tim William's first album (i guess) on iTunes...Dope shit for only 6 tracks but can't complain it was only like 4 bucks, a def must she's so 80's and love assasin are super dope pick it up Tim William - EP...


Word Daniel ?

This is the Harry Potter I remember, pale, big head basically a regular white kid...

...but when the hell did he turn into this ruggedly sexy, super hot guy, I mean he was gettin kinda cute in the last Harry potter movie but damn dude. I diggs it

Kalpen Suresh Modi...

Better known as Kal Penn or his stoner flick character Kumar Patel.
I Love Kal, Dunno why, not even sure i wanna know why, but ever since Van Wilder (he was Taj) I have been drawn to him, and his 2007 film The Namesake sealed the deal. Still can't believe he got killed off of House, but his suicide did greatly add to the shows overall emotional conflicts. Now he's working for the president and saying there won't be anymore H&K movies for at least a couple of years, sadly.


Holy Kicks Batman !!!

There Will Be Tears

Ever since I heard Mr. Hudson on 808's I dug his voice
This is his new joint.
Directed by Nabil Elderkin,
The same guy who did Kanye's Welcome to Heartbreak vid
MR HUDSON "There Will Be Tears" Directed by: NABIL fx: weirdcore from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.


Simpson Stan-ery

Pic courtesy Highsnobiety

Dude, I might have to start mailing shit just so i have a reason to use these on my brightly colored envelopes



Lupe's New "Project" Japanese Cartoon

I diggs it
What say you?


Pic courtesy of Highsnobette

I love Johnny Cupcakes T's but these earrings need to be mine...NOW.
I was lookin for a new set for my second ear holes
and was definitely not about to plop down some serious money for
some Diamonds (although i love them),
this must be a sign


Tim William is the most talented, adorable, curly-fro hawk wearing singer/songwriter/musician ever

And he's cool with Travis one of my most favorite people ever

girlbythebar.mp3 - Tim William Ft Travis Mccoy