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Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel



My second favorite Track from George Watsky's Guilty Pleasures after Midnight Hour has to be Hercules... On GP he puts this joint over the Flashing Lights beat, by and large the best use of that track since Kanye did it.

I know I’m just as strong as Hercules
Because it’s wired in my circuitry
And if I’m just as strong as Hercules
You’ll see I’m just as strong as Hercules
Verse 1
In 1638 they came from Sweden,
Ship shape settlers late looking for Eden,
the Delaware tribe wasn’t really keen on leaving
so they “bought em out” or slaughtered them quick and got to breeding
1659 they built a fortress
stationed soldiers, and gave them horses
but now their forces were losing their resources
moving in the living quick as moving out the corpses
started changing courses, when we got the Quakers
and they been running town since Cromwell met his maker
they didn’t take pay cut, Quakers got their cake up
the paper came triangulating, trading with Jamaica
Now in the 1700s they took care of biz
built the families through some noble marriages
Still in WIlmington, doing what their parents did
living up on 7th street in Mansions they inherited
1800 and in step the du Ponts
Irenee du Pont was fleeing the war in France
he made the jaunt cause apparently murder rate
was higher for gentle people spitting on the third estate
He started working late, he had grand design
And when we cut a couple fingers off the hands of time
The Du Ponts were running under Delaware like panty lines
they built a mill for small explosives on the Brandywine
But gun powder’s just as temperamental
as the rich kids with CEO potential
It’s essential to compete for our emergencies
Which brings me to a company called Hercules
I hope I’m just as strong as Hercules
I hope I’m just as strong as Hercules
But when it comes to stacking currencies
I’d like to be as strong as Hercules
Verse 2
Hercules Gunpowder started kind of small
Du Pont had it all, were sparkling wall to wall
They were ballin in the fall of 1899
when T.C. Dupont crawled up the Brandywine
Now Thomas Coleman, started as a coal man
In the mines in Kentucky with his old man
joined whole fam, and flipping the strip tease
Went from fig leaves all the way to big cheese
Never got on his knees for the love it won him
from couple of brothers, Lewis and Russell Dunham
They were running shit with Coleman’s muscle
Lewis wasn’t clueless
But Russell’s on his hustle
Now brother Lou, was Coleman’s true blue man
T.C. would Idea and Lou drew plans
Dupont had seventy percent of GDP
When it came to gun powder and TNT
they bought even bought Hercules
said the government, so brought on anti-trust
litigation, and they split business up in three
Into Atlas and Dupont, and Hercules
But certainly they were busting heads
put in work at Hercules, then made Russell prez
in 1912 up the road from Dover
my great great grandfather Russ took over
I know I’m just just as strong as Hercules
I know I’m just just as strong as Hercules
Because It’s written in my history
I know I’m just as strong as Hercules
Verse 3
Russell Dunham, we said Daddy D
Or sugar Daddy D to half the family
Ran Hercules as an affable property
slap on the wrist from capitalist democracy
And so between TC and Papa D
A bit improperly they adopt a monopoly
And instead of dotting the i’s and often crossing the T’s
they take a walk in the trees, and talk and pocket the cheese
And when Russell dropped to his knees, his heirs cashed out
every generation after the shares passed down
(So where’s that now?) Split between six ladies
and my mother had the stocks till the 1980’s
(If Stonewall pays my phone calls
If San Juan fills my scantron
If every molten shower out in Okinawa fueled by smoking powder
pays my broken power send my folks the flowers)
if it’s irrelevant to my intelligence
gimme a shotgun, I’m dropping these pink elephants
I’ll take a tranquilizer shot and sell the sedatives
out in delaware well aware the fella lives
(And what if Iwo Jima)
all the skeletons in my closet are dead relatives
(And if the Fall of Saigon)
And then I grow up to be another screw up
(And if the Tet Offensive)
But if I blow up
it’ll be cause they blew up
My mother loves me more than Hercules
My parents work harder than Hercules
But if I think of this as burglary
I know I’m stronger cause of Hercules




Kanye's newest masterpiece... The visuals are stunning and the music is top notch however, the acting by Mr. West and Ms. Ebanks was just really, really bad... They both looked amazing though... Love how Ye got his track star on toward the end tho... Cannot wait for the album



I need some contact...
I was sitting in class and my fave piece of victimology eye candy waltzed in... All I could think was this "Tongue rubbed raw from scraping against the prison bars of my teeth, aching to lap honey from the valley of his spine"... Yep, badly...



Posting this song again... But it's the live Bruno version... It's raw and there's a lot more passion and angst in it


Apparently I Have an Issue...

The homie Kyra said "You always want the ones 10 years older than you and married"... This statement is not directly true but the sentiment is... I always find my self wanting things I can't have for whatever reason... Crazy age gaps, relationships, fear of rejection and them being way out of my league... I think I'm awesome but I know my limits and I oft swoon over the tippy-top of the social hierarchy out here... Also, this RA in my building that I've been eying for the past oh, 3 years, like the last white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie in the box... Upperclassmen with fiance's, dudes that graduated after my first year, nerdy poets 5 years older than me and ones a whole lot smarter than me... Now these are just surface crushes because I don't allow myself to get too close because home wrecking and embarrassing myself is not where it's at... But I be damned if mature, driven, intelligent, and attractive isn't... I miss the days when all you had to do was pass a love tap and say 'I like you' before you were holding hands and sipping quarter waters on a park bench... Or one good fight over a game of kickball, all smiles and youth and passion screaming over the position of the non-existent foul line that ended in an order of cheese fries from the chicken spot... Oh NY summers I MISS YOUUUUUU!!!!


Read A Book...

I just finished up J. R. Ward's new project Crave... It was amazing like all of her work but more importantly it got me to thinking... Particularly about the passion and seemingly reckless abandon of her characters when in love... Seriously, I have dated a little and never felt anything even remotely close to that electric tension when you can't touch the one you want... I've been pressed but I was never the aggressor, I just feigned interest and forced some sounds as he gnawed at my flesh like a pitbull on a  rawhide candy cane... I dunno if the picture she paints is actually attainable but I wish to know the feeling at least once...

G-Code My Ass...

So I finally watched the video for Aston Martin by Rick Ross, Chrisette Michelle and Drake... The song I've actually heard before but credited to Drizzy... What bothers me is the convoluted code of loyalty that people stick to... It transcends race but black folks decided to outline it in the G-Code, under being a down ass bitch... Honestly I'm baffled by how one could get wrapped up in the illegal activities of ones man just for the sake of being 'down' for him... In the video Ross' girl gets popped doing a run for him and spends time in jail, whats sickening is the fact that there are women sitting in prisons all over the country off of the madness of  men that claimed to love them... Love is not saying sorry after he gets you locked up, or gets put away himself, love is deciding that 'WE' are more important than your drive to do illegal shit for fast money... That we can work together to come out of a less than stellar situation without becoming the statistics that people always knew we would be... Seriously black people, sometimes it physically hurts me to see what you have become, when we had to fight tooth and nail for even an inch during the civil rights movement, we were more motivated and unified than we are now... This misconception that we are done fighting just because some laws have changed has made us complacent lazy as hell... Sometimes I just want to throw books at ya'll


Can I Get...

an Egyptian dude like Rami Malek, and he has a twin brother... Like seriously, TWO of him exists... The universe is awesome for that lol


Well Hello There...

Haven't done a crush post in a hot minute, lets get started... First things first in the summer of '06, I believe, I ordered the Team Ice Cream Vol.1 skate DVD, for the sole purpose of scoping out TK, in that vid I was also introduced to two other banging boarders, Jimmy Gorecki and Kevin Booker... The kid, Jacob Walder, I didn't really see as hot because he was tiny, although his skills are monstrous... This past weekend my sister asked me some ish about TK because he was on the Monique show looking scrumptious... This got me to googling and I remembered Jacob, So I searched for pics and stumbled upon this:

Not AT ALL, the kid I remember, he looked more like this... Yep that little fuzzball on the right of KB

So before I proclaimed his new found sexiness aloud I had to find out how old he was to keep myself from seeming like a pedophile lol... Well I found out yesterday, he was born the same year I was... After a heavy sigh of relief I decided to compile this collection of vids and pics from then and now... Enjoy =]

Team Ice Cream Days:


Here's a bonus... *Sigh* I love watching him take on a set of stairs, look at that air time son smh... Instant dampness lol


Ain't Love Grand?..


Why Were They Open?

I've been listening to Doo-Wops & Hooligans all day and Grenade is by far my favorite track, Bruno lets it all out on this joint... Might be my new theme song, we'll see if it passes the shower test... Enjoy

Just for the hell of it I'm posting this stellar cover by this hot Philipino kid named Joseph Vincent... Shit he can serenade me any day lol


It's amazing...

How changing one line can morph an entire piece to something so passionate that even reading it to yourself feels like a performance... October 15 here I come

The Prototype...

Haven't posted a performance video in a hot minute, so here ya go...
He pulls you in with humor, then pulverizes your heart with a sledgehammer of genuine emotion...
Mr. Holmon, I mean Omar is amazing, can't wait to watch him perform this winter...
This is Anatomy of a prayer, enjoy.


I Could Make Your Storm Feel Sky Blue...

"I'm not beside you, I'm inside you"...

New N.E.R.D joint from the STILL unreleased album 'Nothing'

Hypnotize U Produced by Daft Punk
N*E*R*D - "Hypnotize U" (Produced By Daft Punk) by Some Kind of Awesome