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Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


Call Me...

I can't honestly say that I'm a Joell Ortiz fan but I love this track... Maybe it's Novel coming from under his proverbial rock to hit a new track... Who knows

As a bonus I give you Peach by Novel... Enjoy

I love his voice


Be Prince Charming...

Prince Charming - Julian Stephen
Love the breakdown @ the end


Down Here In Hell...

This joint has been on repeat like nobody's business... That guitar scene on the bed (2:24-2:37) is hot as fcuk, even though he really isn't... The song is super dope, although I prefer the acoustic version


Opinions Needed...

Have you ever wanted something, or someone so bad it hurts? So badly you begin to think about it without realizing, and it starts to spread into every facet of you like a beautiful cancer?


Travie Lazzie...

Is my baby's daddy... Just kidding, we have yet to make hot & sticky love... Again I kid, I kid... Now to
the topic @ hand, Travis McCoy's tracks from the recent Nappy Boy Roster mixtape... The kid goes INNNN and left hand girl is the most clever, disgusting, and hilarious track I've heard in forever... Enjoy

Bad By Myself

Waking Up Dreaming

Left Hand Girl

The Manual


I Got 99 Problems, and They All Bitches...

Soundtrack to My Life - Kid Cudi

KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.

This video makes me want to go to a Cudi show and RAGE!!!!!

It Makes Me Want To Scream!!!

...These moves are still vicious... But that's beside the point

I will shout from the top of my dorm if I have to but I am so sick of not having any testosterone in my situation right now... This is by no means the longest hiatus I've had between Jones-ing, or boo lovin' for my non northern folks, but I be damned if I don't feel like it's been a year and a half... I need to make some kissy face or get some huggin' love really soon or someone is gonna get spazzed on... And it's getting warm out so the sexy guys start to peel off the layers of hideous winter wear, revealing their hard work, mostly in the form of sizable arms and backs that would make angels blush... Nothing beats a skinny guy in a wonderful T shirt, like the Darkwing Duck number I saw today though... I'm an equal opportunity looker by all means...
I need to sleep off this frustration or play some Super Mario Bro's...
Later folks...


1 More Reason...

I can't wait until September... Two of my favorite artists... Enjoy.


My first pair, designed by moi... Black upper, black outsole with cream stripes, and black and cream paisley heart print tongue and insole...


Octopus Ears...

My new gauges, they are made to look like size 2 gauges... The suction cups glow in the dark =]... Purchased HERE
She makes tons of spiral and tentacle designs and colorways, the actual size of the post is either a 10 or 16 gauge so it will fit most regularly pierced ears.

The shop is closed this week though...



Don't Judge me, you know you want one lol


Totally Felt Like This Before...

I wish this Bruno Mars kid all the best, so far he's sounding extremely promising.


I Can Die Happy Now...

I have seen the glory of Mr. Wasalu Jaco.... Shirtless... Mt. Kili hath been very good to his form smh... I have gushed about him before and really can't articulate my feelings as I stare at this picture... see here

P.S. lol @ his little chocolate chip nipples


Something Slight...

Just a sneak peek at the happenings in my mind... Written at about 1am 3-4-10, apparently futurama inspires me lol

I haven’t been swept off of my feet in a while, and to be honest, I sort of miss it.
Long has it been since I grinned from ear to ear like a chocolate colored Cheshire cat.
No debates lost on purpose just to see him gloat for 20 minutes.
The word “hello” has not been traced down my spine during an embrace as of late.
The crook of my neck knows no voice now.
Motor memory still remains, lightly stroking the shoulder blades of my dreams.
My body still bends itself into the small spoon, unaware that the only thing conforming around it is the marble-like cold of an empty bed.
My passion is starting to suffocate between the covers of this book.
Restless words form chains and snake their way around my vocal chords and distress my features, making it more difficult to allow that moonbeam you call a smile to release and rediscover my voice, cast my gaze into the heavens of your face, and whisper my love into your heart. Letting your universe envelope me, like a reverse big bang.


Arjay Smith...

Better known as Alan Strange from "The Journey of Alan Strange" that ran on nickelodeon for a hot min... He's been working since the mid 90's you probably remember seeing him in "The Day After Tomorrow" but I rediscovered him on a boss ass episode of "Masters of Horror" called "The V Word"... This guy is about 7 years older than me but he is nerd perfect... Before you ask, no I have no idea if he's really a nerd but he plays the hot nerd in my dreams lmao I kid I kid...


Could you be wearing used underwear?

 I just watched one of the most horrific undercover investigation videos EVER. Victoria's Secret, Bloomingdales, Macy's, and a slew of other department stores accept returned underwear that may have been worn and re-tag them as new and put them back on the sales floor. Without even inspecting the returned merchandise for signs of wear, this includes swimsuits... In a few cases the sales associate didn't even wait for the person returning the item to leave the area before re-tagging and replacing the item for sale... This is by far the nastiest and most irresponsibly inconsiderate thing I have ever been witness to... Like who the hell thinks it's a good idea to accept used underpants and RE-SELL THEM... Bacteria can live for weeks undisturbed on fabrics.. SMH just goes to show people really don't give a shit about other people as long as their money isn't fucked up in the process... Ugh this makes me want to buy some fabric and some underwear patterns and make my own shit.


Gratuitous pictures of yourself Wednesday...
Clothing and fro edition.


Post #...

That is all...


Boob 1 and Boob 2...

I have decided to call them Tybalt and Abra, after the Capulet boys because there is always a lot of fuss when they're out

That is all