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Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


R.I.P Dobby...

If you have yet to see part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I apologize for the title... Sunday, Kyra, my little sister and I ventured off to catch HP... (Side note, since when is a matinee ticket 7.50?) Having read all seven books at least twice I was well aware of what should have happened and the proper order of events... I understand that the book is 700+ pages but this installment is so rife with minute details that add layers of depth to the series, I was slightly disappointed, they left out the initial argument between the Dursley's and Harry, which means the timing of their respective departures was off... The fight scene in the air was missing a few key parts and Hedwig flying by was not how Stan Shunpike spotted the real Harry, it was the use of his beloved expelliarmus spell... The portkeys and separate safe houses were missing from the end of the battle... The left out the birthday celebration, the various instances that polyjuice potion was employed to hide Harry from the public...
The conversations at the burrow about their plans, Ronald's ghoul with spattergroit (which I REALLY wanted to see), Ron walking in on Harry and Ginny snogging... And where the hell was Fleur's accent?... I did thoroughly enjoy the image of George with his toothbrush sticking out of his ear wound lol... The days spent at number 12 Grimmauld place, and maybe I missed something but I do not remember Dobby arriving with Kreacher and Mundungus, though it was brilliant to see him more than once considering... I also felt the need for expansion of the conversations in their various camp sites and Harry's increasing paranoia to give a sort of comparison for Ron's... And the Potter watch radio broadcast as well as the conversations between holdouts of Voldemort's takeover which kept them abreast on some of the happening in the rest of the world... The dungeon discussions at the Malfoy's... Wormtail's magic hand choking him out for showing hesitation... The eye in the mirror was not as vivid and piercing as I had imagined either... I also really missed the white peacocks roaming the grounds of Malfoy manor...

I feel like I'm going extra hard on the directors and editors but you have to remain true to the novel if your gonna adapt it for a movie... Maybe I'm salty because I watched The Last Airbender movie, which completely MANGLED the Avatar series, which was damn good for a new cartoon...



Is freaking beautiful
This place stresses me out beyond reason but it has some stunning photo potential.

A few weeks ago during a clear day

Taken Monday at sunset

Taken today right before dusk


Hide 'N' Seek...

For grown ups of course =]

"It's quiet, too quiet", as soon as the words leave my lips I hear the thud of size 10 timbs on the carpet of the auditorium. Just as swiftly as the sound came, it vanished. Not even a gust of air as he ninja vanished into the shadows. Strips of light from the windows streak the room, looks like the muted fur of the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carrol's grim fantasy. Cat burglar smooth as I slip in the spots of darkness still present. I think he's hiding on the stairs. Foot falls cashmere soft, creeping towards my target until an arm snakes like a boa around my waist. "Shit" I hate losing, especially at ninja assassin.
"What do I win?" the shadow growled into the curls gathered at the base of my skull. "What do you Want?" I purred back. Before I could brace for an answer I felt the floor give way beneath me. Back pressed against the mosaic tile, hands like vices corset my hips and draw me in. Flesh of fire, force the passion and frustration of months long absence, tastes of sorrow and lust. Glint of silver in the corner of my eye begins to run up my spine parting the fabric of my blouse, now down the seams of my tights, bra, panties. As bare as the page before words begin to flow. Admired his handy work as he took care to remove each article from that marble frame, positioning them in case a speedy exit is necessary. Pulled deeper into the shrunken night held within this building, and spun, feet planted and hands pressed into the plaster. He crawled underneath me and begun to whisper secrets into my flesh...
All I got for now *Ye Shrug*


Ooooh Shawty...

What cho name is?



300 posts under my belt son
Oh and if I was a member of the Wu, like I wanted to be as a kid my moniker would be 'Shaolin Mathematics'
how dope is that shit ?


Thanks VSB...

The guys over at VSB brought up a movie that I absolutely love in today's post "I'm through with white women (The inevitable undoing of Jay Brooks)"
And then I realized why I love Omar so much, he's brilliant and funny and gorgeous and he reminds me so much of Jay it's a wee bit scary...
I mean just look at them
Movie Still
Omar and Ian



Such a beautiful cloudy green stone.
Funny the very thing that makes it such a marvel to look at, renders lesser gems worthless.
Alas, it's not as stunning, when you become it.
Murky, emerald woman shooting beautiful sage dagger stares at all that she cannot grasp.
They are not to blame for what no one can control.
The fates sure know how to piss you off.

Obsidian, glinting like the sophisticate older sibling of carbon.
Heavy as the whole of the universe, balanced on a point as wide as a broken mans smile.
A raven mocking you from the shadows, sounds a lot like your heart calling your bluff.
Sucks when fear is this stunning.



I LOVE that video for this exact reason
Mr. Williams, even though you are 17 years my senior, I would do things to you lol

Mission College...

We lost the football game but the step show was tight lol
The videos are split between Vimeo and Youtube because some of the vids were acting up on either of the uploaders...
Opening local acts the Iconz

Zeta Phi Beta

Alpha Kappa Alpha - Last part is missing cuz I had to potty

Kappa Alpha Psi - From VCU =[

Iota Phi Theta

Omega Psi Phi and the winners


Mr. Pitt...

No not Brad, Michael... My earliest memory of Michael Pitt is from the Sandra Bullock movie murder by numbers... He was as awkward looking as they come, and honestly I paid him no mind after that but this past summer I saw promo's for HBO's new series Boardwalk Empire and he flashed across my TV screen... At first it was a simple, damn he's hot, but the second time I saw it I recognized Mr. Pitt and felt conflicted... Was this indeed the same greasy haired awkward kid who played opposite the then absolutely beautiful Ryan Gosling? Damn straight, he grew into his face, washed and cut that hair, grew a slight beard Justin Timberlake style and bam straight hotness... Don't believe me take a look.


His eyes were always piercing and gorgeous but the shorter darker hair brings them out more... Me likey


I'm Inside You...

Official Video for Hypnotize U...
Absolutely love it, I understand the premise,
P looks amazing and the chicks aren't bad looking 
Great job guys