About my Blog son

Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


It Hurts Me, It Hurts You..

...This Thing That We Do, But It's So Good.

This is a great song...
The song has NOTHING to do wit the body of this post
So yesterday I came up with one of the best lines I've written in weeks... I was highly inspired and sleepy as hell at the time but it was still damn good... If I must say so, and you know I must lol... And today I took it upon myself to send said line to it's muse... My goodness, I never knew how freaking awkward I could feel... I wanted to take it back as soon as I pressed send, alas the inter-web has not yet caught up to my genius... I'm sort of glad it hasn't... I got to converse with him =](That's me cheesing hard as hell) IMs count as conversations in my book, I dunno about you...Anyway I felt like a complete ass until he said he actually enjoyed my line...It always feels good to get compliments on your creative efforts, especially from those you admire... In retrospect I think I asked way too may questions...But what's done is done...If he thinks I'm a spazz then he's probably right, I joke people, not really though... All in all i realized those I admire are more like me and my friends than I realized... I guess that was the lesson in all of this...
To YOU, if I came off weird it's because I am a little quirky,
and if u want the digits u know where to find me
LMAO, I am sooo kidding right now that would be totally weird
and VERY sorta Stan-ish of me


Clip art...

...Your eyes hold the spark that created the universe.
I guess that's why you squint when you smile.
Such brilliance could send the world spinning in reverse...

It feels so good to put pen to pad again (or mechanical pencil to notebook in my case).



I don't know if I can say anything that has not already been said about how influential and overall wonderful Mike's music was so I' won't say anything but...
...This song is so dope...

...But Butterflies will always be my favorite


The Clutter In My Mind

...Reborn by the fire in your eyes, I am your Phoenix...
Imagine this being said with the cadence B. Yung had in
his "I am a Queen" piece... How dope does that sound

Mes Cheveux

Anyone that knows me knows that my hair is not one of my main focuses in life, I mean most often it's in a slicked back curly ponytail that becomes a fuzzball by the end of the day which is fine with me, I'm not too vain in that aspect... As of late I have begun to take better care of my hair thanx to youtube and the wonderful women therein... But the wonderful world of college has opened my eyes to peoples opinions on Black women wearing their naturally curly hair without a relaxer (perm) or texturizer of some sort... In the land of the clones aka my school I see a few naturals but the overwhelming majority of the females I encounter during my day are relaxed... I have no issue with relaxed hair, my two oldest sisters are relaxed, but I take issue with people, male and female that poke fun at women who chose to wear their hair the way it grows out of their heads... I can't tell you how many times I've heard ignorant people say, not everyone can wear their hair natural or that it doesn't look right on everyone, I find it fascinating that people think that others don't look "right" the way they were born... Most of the flack naturals get is from people that have no idea what their own hair looks like because they've abandoned it for brightly colored heads of other peoples hair, or tresses damaged beyond repair or keep it low cut and "neat" so they don't have to deal with it... I am in no way shape or form a "Natural Nazi" condemning anything that isn't within my definition of natural... I just feel that people need to wake up and realize where these preferences and beauty aesthetics come from, mostly other ethnicities... And men need to realized that most of the bullshit women put themselves through is to attract them and most claim to adamantly abhor wigs and weaves but favor the fake rather than be caught dead with a women rocking her naturally kinky, curly nappy hair... My male followers please let me know what the deal is... Just some food for thought... BTW Good hair does not exist however damaged and conversely well cared for hair do exists which one do you have?


Can a N*gga Borrow a French Fry?....

The blogging hiatus is over thanks to my girl
MissK over at Kyra @ Random & Bloggage We On It.
The perfect example of art imitating life...
It's not supposed to be funny but I saw the Boondocks episode first
And that show makes pretty much anything hilarious.
The Actual news Story

The Aaron McGruder Version...funny shit son


I want to kiss you...

...By Bassey Ikpi

Sorta feel like this right about now
I Dub this weekend, Poetry Post Weekend lol


Mr. Seibles

...I met him in my 9th grade creative writing class,
Big ups to Mr. Chow for that experience...
I can honestly say I've never been the same


Fuck Me Sideways...

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, bitches
I hate Derrick Fisher, he needs to catch a
Bout of explosive Diarrhea...
So for at least 1 more game i get to look
at Dwight Howard's fine ass and Courtney Lee
Stan Van Gundy is a jack ass for keeping
Rafer Alston on the bench
That is all...


Get off Jay's tip

I'm gonna cyber smack the next person who says something along the lines of "bout time someone said something" when referring to Jay- Z's new song D.O.A (Death Of the Autotune)... Newsflash Kid Cudi said "I know I'd be the man if I could cold pull the plug on the autotune but I can't and thats bugged" on Buggin Out '09 with Consequence which came out months ago... So stop giving that man credit for unnecessary shit

Mid-Day Hilarity

I would have bolted once I saw one dude in shiny gold Harem pants but this is hilarious none the less.

I Want You...Yes, You Mr...

Inspired by my love of black men, written for my
English 101 class Freshman year @ HU.
There was no specific inspiration at the time but now
if the timeline was changed it could apply to a
few people lol enjoy
I Want You

2 years
That's how long I've watched his sable skin
For 24 months I've fantasized about soft
Chocolate hands, Decadent arms, his Ebony chest,
And back sculpted of the finest Godiva
The searing gaze of those onyx eyes
Felt in my soul
The sepia tones of our skin blend
As shivers flow up that mahogany spine
In the wake of complexly simple circles
Made by auburn hands on skin as
Smooth and dark as black ink
730 days spent wondering
What could have been
When all it took
Was three words
Through Cocoa lips
"I want you"


WTF Dwight?

The Lakers cannot have a sweep...Orlando needs to be more than 30% from the field...Pietrus need to put the Hyperdunks back on cuz clearly the J's are not helping any and where the hell did all their 3pt shooters go