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Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


Could you be wearing used underwear?

 I just watched one of the most horrific undercover investigation videos EVER. Victoria's Secret, Bloomingdales, Macy's, and a slew of other department stores accept returned underwear that may have been worn and re-tag them as new and put them back on the sales floor. Without even inspecting the returned merchandise for signs of wear, this includes swimsuits... In a few cases the sales associate didn't even wait for the person returning the item to leave the area before re-tagging and replacing the item for sale... This is by far the nastiest and most irresponsibly inconsiderate thing I have ever been witness to... Like who the hell thinks it's a good idea to accept used underpants and RE-SELL THEM... Bacteria can live for weeks undisturbed on fabrics.. SMH just goes to show people really don't give a shit about other people as long as their money isn't fucked up in the process... Ugh this makes me want to buy some fabric and some underwear patterns and make my own shit.