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I Want You...Yes, You Mr...

Inspired by my love of black men, written for my
English 101 class Freshman year @ HU.
There was no specific inspiration at the time but now
if the timeline was changed it could apply to a
few people lol enjoy
I Want You

2 years
That's how long I've watched his sable skin
For 24 months I've fantasized about soft
Chocolate hands, Decadent arms, his Ebony chest,
And back sculpted of the finest Godiva
The searing gaze of those onyx eyes
Felt in my soul
The sepia tones of our skin blend
As shivers flow up that mahogany spine
In the wake of complexly simple circles
Made by auburn hands on skin as
Smooth and dark as black ink
730 days spent wondering
What could have been
When all it took
Was three words
Through Cocoa lips
"I want you"


♥ MS. K ♥ said...

loved it *snaps* HEATROX!