About my Blog son

Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


I Quit...

... So tired of turning my self inside out to remove the stench of the lies I tell to keep myself sane... Enlightening conversations with male counterparts just reassure me that finding someone to date is as impossible as keeping Tommy Pickles in a playpen... I look unapproachable, I never smile, I rarely speak... I'm sick of bullshit, I have no reason to smile, I have nothing to say... Engage me in intelligent conversation and I will respond but The "Ay Ma" and "Yo excuse me" cat calls have jaded me... It's baffling the lack of genuinely intellectual people I come across in college... If you think that all black women don't want to be approached you have a problem... I understand that the females so busy trying to be Diva's shut you down on a regular basis but instead of looking for a "long haired, thick red-bone" wanna be Beyonce... Look past the superficial and find yourself a Queen... Not a Queen Bitch... But a Woman that respects herself enough not to be bothered with boys to busy quoting Lil' Wayne to remember that they are King's... She is not an easy conquest but don't you want someone to challenge you? Or are so accustomed to the American way of the fast and easy? Beauty is subjective so theoretically everyone should be attractive to someone... Grow a pair and toughen up because life is hard and so are relationships... If u want something easy get a blow up doll or a hooker...