About my Blog son

Okay, so I'm no professional blogger but, i think I'm pretty freaking interesting, sike. But for real I find cool shit on the interweb everyday now i can have it all in one place, right alongside the randomness that is my life... Be forewarned there will be an excessive amount of profanity at times, that's just how I feel


Grad School Talk...

Starting to study programs and look at application criteria... It's overwhelming, just like applying to colleges was 4 years ago... Now the stakes are way higher.... This is the last time I'll go to school (hopefully) and I'll be leaving a Doctor... That is just blowing my mind right now... I'm not even 20 years old and I'm already about to graduate college and jump into grad school... I have no idea where I want to live for the next five years, I feel the need to retake my GRE and app fees are gonna eat up my bank account if I don't narrow down my list of 17 (Yes 17, I know it's a lot) potential schools... And I still have to deal with good old HU for another year before I can even start the next phase of my life smh... I guess this is what the big sis felt like in '05